Every pair of Haishang swim shorts is made from recycled PET plastic  

This process recycles used plastic bottles, creating textile filaments which are woven into a material  

It is estimated that each pair of shorts uses 10 plastic bottles, taking these out of the environment where they typically end up in the ocean, on our beaches and even fragmented as micro plastics in our food


Designed for a relaxed fit, perfect both on and off the beach

Organic linen is one of the most sustainable clothing materials, requiring limited water usage in the growing of the flax plant and no herbicides / pesticides in the case of our organic material. 

Flax plants have been used to make clothing for thousands of years, the resulting linen is well known for its breathable and moisture wicking properties, perfect for that HK humidity! 

The buttons are made from coconut shell, completing the beach vibe whilst avoiding the use of additional plastic.  

Product care

If, like us, you want your clothes to last as long as your memories of Hong Kong, follow the tips below:   


Always hand wash your shorts after use, saltwater and chlorine can be damaging  

Dry thoroughly, but not in direct sunlight which can damage and fade the design  

Use our keep safe bags, made from highly sustainable jute fabric, to keep your shorts safe to and from the beach (make sure they are fully dried before packing them away) 

Ensure the metal stoppers in particular are rinsed and dried, these can discolour through time  

Linen Shirt  

Whilst hand-washing is the best for longevity, linen shirts can be machine washed, but we suggest a low temperature and mild detergent. 

Do not tumble dry  

Linen is known to crease easily, we don’t suggest taking your iron to the beach… just go with the flow!