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Bikini Top (Thai Elephant)

Bikini Top (Thai Elephant)

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Haishang's first venture outside of Hong Kong, we picked Thailand because of its accessibility from HK, amazing food, people and of course stunning beaches. 'Chang' is the Thai word for elephant, which is also the national animal of the country, respected for their strength and longevity. 

The importance of elephants (particularly the White Elephant) in Thai culture cannot be understated, they have symbolism in Buddhism, served royal duties, been used for transport, fought in battles, and played roles in agriculture and industry. 

Fortunately their role in the logging industry was banned in 1989 and they are generally afforded better protection. Whilst many now serve as tourist attractions, we would highlight they can be subject to poor living conditions. There are many sanctuaries across Thailand which provide the opportunity to see these majestic creatures, we recommend those that promote natural behaviours and interactions (e.g. no riding or performances).  

Designed to match with the Men's and Kids Thai Elephant shorts. 

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