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Organic Cotton Bauhinia Shirt

Organic Cotton Bauhinia Shirt

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A bold shirt recognising the sub-tropical flora of Hong Kong, all of the plants in the pattern can basically be found in Central. 

Firstly and most prominently is the pink Bauhinia, an iconic flower which was the inspiration for the Hong Kong flag. It is surrounded by Bamboo, a ubiquitous grass which is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and could have an important role to play in carbon sequestration and sustainable materials. There is also the Chinese Leaf Palm, with uses in Traditional Chinese Medicine and for making hats and fans. Finally the banana plant, less common on the island but you can still see (and buy) locally grown bananas in parts of the New Territories and outlying islands. 

The material is made from organic cotton, with a very small percentage of elastane to give the shirt a slight stretch. The buttons are made from coconut shell, completing the beach vibe whilst avoiding the use of additional plastic. 

We aren’t the fashion police, but recommend pairing with plain trousers or shorts (not our shorts!) 

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